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Lighting plays an important role in interior renovation. Therefore, lighting should not only be functional but also style-driven. It is not always a simple task to choose the best lighting that fulfils the purpose of your rooms. You can choose lamps according to the decoration style, your personal preferences, and needs, the space of your rooms, and the decoration style of your house.

With the rapid update of lighting products, there are more and more materials for lighting, including metal, glass, wood, crystal, sheepskin, ceramics, etc. The choice of lamps should be determined according to the different needs of different spaces and the environment in which the lamps are located. For example, the kitchen should be made of easy-to-clean materials; The living room generally need to add some three-dimensional light sources on the background wall, therefore, the level of lighting will be more important.

The style of lightings is not difficult to distinguish. Some lightings are noble and luxurious while some of them are idyllic rattan or artistic simplicity. When choosing lumps for your space, it will be helpful to consider the characteristics of existing furniture and overall decoration. After a detailed analysis, take the room size and height of the roof into account and choose lamps that are harmonious and unified in colour and shape with the overall decoration style.

Whether you are looking for brass collections, outdoor lightings, pendant light collection, wall sconce collection or chandelier collection, or any other type of lighting you might need for your space, please contact Aglaia lighting anytime.

Chandelier collection

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Buy Custom Crystal Chandelier Online – Aglaia Lighting

Looking for the best-quality custom crystal chandelier? No fuss, we at Aglaia Lighting have got you covered. We are proud to be ranked as the best and most reputed online store for crystal chandeliers, outdoor lighting, exterior wall lighting, and wall sconces. We have the best modern lighting solutions to meet the varying needs of people.

Whether you want custom-made lighting or are looking for an elegantly-designed wall sconce, we have everything to light up your place in a decent and modern way. Browse our collection of beautiful chandeliers to see what best matches your interior and personality.

Lighting plays a crucial role in improving the interior ambience of a place, be it a home or a commercial property.  We are committed to offering the best quality at affordable rates. We price our products carefully to make sure our lighting products are within everyone’s reach.

Chandeliers are available in different designs, themes, and styles. You can pick any that best suits your preferences. Whether you need a chandelier for your dining room, large foyer, or lobby area, we have a wide collection of chandeliers to meet your needs.

Chandeliers go a long way toward adding a certain charm to any place in your home. At Aglaia Lighting, we have been offering the best quality chandeliers for a long time. Our crystal chandeliers require less maintenance and are easy to clean with soapy water. They are made from high-quality materials to ensure they last longer without any problem. Our chandeliers are designed in a way that they don’t cause energy wastage.

Trust Aglaia Lighting for all your lighting needs and explore our extensive range of chandeliers to add real elegance to your place. Use the navigation bar above to narrow down the lighting products matching your needs.


Chandelier collection

Bias Crystal Chandelier


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Chandelier collection



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Chandelier collection

Aerial Ladder Crystal Chandelier


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Chandelier collection

Aerial Cubic Crystal Chandelier


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Chandelier collection

Rubik’s Cube


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Chandelier collection



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$3,360.00 $2,450.00

Chandelier collection

Heaven – Custom Purpose


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Chandelier collection



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