Custom made Lighting

Custom Made Lighting

Ordering a Custom Light from Aglaia Lighting

Aglaia Lighting offers custom made lighting to customers in different colours, sizes, and materials. We aim to offer a reasonable price for all customized lighting solutions.

We also provide lighting planning service for the entire house, including both interior and exterior. Our designer will confirm the finalized design including a lighting render with you. (Please notice us on any changes on the finalized lighting 7 days before the order is being processed. The manufacuturing schedule is listed on your order.)

We understand how much you will anticipate your new light. Therefore, we will regularly update the process with you. When the products are ready, you will be able to visit our warehouse in Melbourne to check on the lighting and ensure they are made to your specifications before delivering and installing at your property.

For all cusomized lighting, Aglaia Lighting requires a 40% deposit of the total order. The average waiting time is 6 to 10 weeks. Before product delivery, the balance has to be cleared.