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Searching for brass lighting Ashwood for your home or outside? Brass lighting Ashwood has truly taken off in the recent years as it offers a characteristic high end look that is low maintenance as it is free from corrosion. For shiny, solid and premium brass lighting Ashwood look through our collection. 

Brass is an amazingly adaptable material that can fit in any home, from a modern apartment to a natural farmhouse. Brass is an interesting metal made by combining copper and zinc. It has always been top choice for lights and other home goods because of its quality, sturdiness and usefulness (it is very easy to shape for a specific use). It's also beautiful, sparkling and looks a great deal like gold! While brass lighting has been well known from the start, it has now taken on an increasingly contemporary, smart form. 

Brass lighting Ashwood comes in a range of various styles and appearances. Some brass lighting Ashwood is made completely of metal, while others fuse different materials that enable the metal to stand out. This may incorporate materials like glass, dark metal or fabric. Brass lighting Ashwood may include a metal light shade, or a metal fitting with an uncovered globe. 

Some well-known styles of brass lighting Ashwood incorporate pen pendant lights, vintage pendant lights, and modern pendant lights. Obviously, these aren't the only styles available. Perfect for use over kitchen top, eating tables, bedsides, lobby or lounge rooms. 

At Aglaia Lighting, we stock brass lighting Ashwood fittings from Australia and around the globe.

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