How to select a Hotel Chandelier

When buying hotel lamps is often unsatisfactory, many consumers will make custom hotel lighting. So, how can we ensure that the designer makes the perfect hotel lighting? Now let's take a look at the complete process of customizing hotel lamps!
    First of all, hotel lighting requires custom touch and communication between consumers and designers. It is necessary to inform the designer of their hobbies and styles so that the designer will formulate reasonable hotel lighting according to the practice of the room. Customized plans.
    Second, the designer can take the consumer to watch the sample showroom of the hotel's lamps when necessary, and then investigate the production process of the hotel's lamps and communicate with consumers about the popular room. After the exchange, the designer has a general understanding of the customer's requirements, and then can determine the start plan of the hotel's custom lighting, and then confirm the customer after the design is completed.