Custom Lighting

Custom a Classical Chandelier for your Void.


Custom a Classical Chandelier for your  Void.

The first is to communicate with the design team before customization. The designer will go to the site to measure and make a detailed analysis. When measuring, the designer can know what size the lamp should be made into, which also includes what kind of crystal lamp the whole room design should suit, Of course, these are just the designer's own ideas. If the client is not very satisfied with the designer's proposal, he can tell him directly. The close communication and exchange between the two parties is the basis for perfect lighting. During the production of the lamp, the...

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Lighting Arrangment for Kew - Alfred Street

Chandelier Style: European 1950's Chandelier Design. 1, 7ft 6' Height Brass Crystal Chandelier for Stair Case. 2, 263 Kgs Challenge during Assembling.    We Spend 4 months time on arranging and crafting Lighting for this House.   This House included:  6 Pcs - 1 Lights Wall fitting 10 Pcs - 2 Lights Wall fitting 6 Pcs - Chandelier  18 Pcs - Brass Outdoor Wall Fitting  

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