How and Why to Choose a Bass Chandelier

The chandelier generally refers to the hanging lamp, and the all-copper chandelier is the chandelier made of copper or brass. This kind of luminaire has a good texture and an elegant sense of decoration. But how can we choose a brass chandelier with a high-quality copper ceiling when we buy it, and how can we pick the best brass chandelier that matches the interior style of your home?

1. How to match brass chandeliers well

The brass chandelier has a beautiful and exquisite appearance. At the same time, the brass chandeliers are very environmentally friendly and durable. Many European-style premium hotels, even gorgeous halls, and clubs choose brass chandeliers to upscale their interior decoration. The brass chandelier is hung with wires and copper supports. Generally, the length of the copper support should not be too long, otherwise, it will obstruct the view and the light will become dazzling. Therefore, it is necessary to match a brass chandelier with a suitable copper support length.
An appropriate length is that the lowest point above the ground should be no less than 2.2 meters. A good idea is to choose and install a spring or height adjuster for your brass chandeliers so that it can be adjustable for different heights of the rooms. The brass chandeliers have a direct impact on the style of the entire living room because this kind of lamp has eye-catching features, especially the ceiling with metal decorations, glass decorations, and other accessories, which make the whole living room magnificent. If you have a living room with high a ceiling, you can choose a three-prong to a five-pronged brass chandelier, or you can choose a larger brass chandelier.

2. How to choose a good quality brass chandelier

1. Look at the surface
The brass chandelier has a very good texture and decoration, mainly because of its complex surface treatment. Especially, the surface of the brass chandelier has a uniform and a dense protective film, which is not only delicate and shiny but also can isolate air and avoid oxidized. Therefore, when you are choosing and purchasing a brass chandelier, you can check whether there is a protective film on its surface.
2. Look at the colour
Although the brass chandeliers chandelier has been polished, oil-sealed, and coated, it still has the original ecological colour. However, there will be different colour changes after the special treatment is done on the surface of the brass chandeliers, such as red bronze, green bronze, and so on. The colour of a good brass chandelier will be more natural and smooth, and there will be no stains, weak colours, as well as fading and falling blocks.
3. Touch the surface
The surface of the brass chandeliers generally does not have any burrs or unevenness. It feels smooth, round, and cool when you are touched by hands.
4. Look at details of the craft
The craftsmanship of the brass chandeliers, ranges from large-area outlines to partial carvings, every detail should be studded without flaws.

3. The advantages of choosing brass chandeliers

Good practicability and long life brass is used as the basic raw material, and copper has the advantage of long service life so that the service life of brass chandeliers is also very long.

High aesthetic value

For the brass chandeliers chandelier, the main value is not only the lighting effect but also the beautiful shape and elegant texture. More and more customers use brass chandeliers to highlight the unique atmosphere of their space. When people talk about brass chandeliers, the first impression is the high-end tastes and the noble feeling.
Easy to clean and maintain
Compared with other lamps, a brass chandelier is easier to clean and maintain. Generally, all copper lamps can be taken care of once a year.
As we all know, the only disadvantage of a brass chandelier is that It is relatively expensive compare with other kinds of lighting. And choosing a brass chandelier with high quality is not always an easy task. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable merchant.
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