• A different Lighting Experience…

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A different Lighting Experience…

Crystal Collections

Welcome to Aglaia Lighting

In 2018, we set up Aglaialighting in Melbourne. Aglaialighting business style includes, post modern (Mid Century), industrial wind (industrial), wood (Scandinavian); more, American lamp, crystal lamp, outdoor lamp. We are committed to providing different customers with different lighting experience.

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Our Crystal Chandelier Gallery

Checkout some of our most popular products eachone of our product items comes with range of customisation options where you can select colour,material,style and configuration to suit your home decor and personal preference.

Outdoor Lighting

A nice outdoor lighting they also decorate your garden/and the whole looking for you house. Out door lighting are the first impression to Guess and to yourself.

Aglaia Lighting

Stylish and efficient products to brighten your home and offer outstanding quality and performance. Find original gift ideas with American lamps, crystal lamps or outdoor lamps that match your décor perfectly.

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